SEDATE Gummies (THC BLENDED) 1000mg Bottle


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Hummingbird Extracts Euphoric Blends Sedate Gummy (aka THC-O Remix Gummy) is infused with four hemp THC isomers, creating the ultimate indica euphoric experience. Formulated for consistency and potency, each delicious gummy contains 20MG of THC-O, 20MG of Delta-8 THC, 6MG of HHC, and 4mg of Delta-9 THC. Our Sedate 50mg Gummy comes in a convenient 20 unit, 1000mg bottle. Available in watermelon flavor!

Here is what’s inside and what each euphoric ingredient brings to the mix:
  • THC-O (20mg) – a very relaxing euphoria that is dream-like and tranquil.
  • Delta-8 THC (20mg) – a highly stimulating euphoria that provides a nice body vibration.
  • HHC (6mg) – nearly identical to THC’s cerebral and body effect, HHC has a longer pull-through without the heavy after effect
  • Delta-9 THC (4mg) – this is the same molecule found in the weed you smoke, the only different is our THC is hemp derived.


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