BLAZE Hybrid Gummies (THC Blended) 1000mg Bottle


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Hummingbird Extracts Euphoric Blends BLAZE 50mg Gummy is a powerful psychotropic blend, infused with four hemp THC isomers. Each THC isomer has its own feeling and effect and when combined, creates the ultimate Hybrid euphoric experience. Formulated for consistency and potency, each delicious gummy contains 20MG HHC, 20MG Delta-8 THC, 6MG of THC-O, and 4mg of Delta-9 THC. Pair HHC and Delta-8 with a dash of THC and THC-O and get the ideal hybrid experience that balances the cerebral uplift with a smooth body vibration. Our BLAZE 50mg Gummy comes in a convenient 20 unit (or 1000mg) bottle. Available in watermelon flavor!

Here is what’s inside and what each euphoric ingredient brings to the mix:
  • HHC (20mg) – nearly identical to THC’s cerebral and body effect, with longer pull-through
  • Delta-8 THC (20mg) – a highly stimulating euphoria that provides equally nice body vibration.
  • THC-O (6mg) – a very relaxing euphoria that is dream-like and tranquil.
  • Delta-9 THC (4mg) – this is the same molecule found in the weed you smoke, the only different is our THC is hemp derived.
Pair HHC and Delta-8 with a dash of THC-O and THC and you get an incredible hybrid Synergy that blasts you to a happy place where you can chill and stress melts away.
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